Lina "Bart" Bartleigh

The Scrappy Farm Girl from the Edge of Town


Bart is the tallest girl in the grade, formerly the tallest kid in the grade. She uses farm boots to keep that dream alive, but its time is quickly coming to an end. She has shoulder-length auburn hair in worn the style of lengthy side-swept bangs, bright, attentive blue eyes, and a farmer’s tan which she is proud of.


Type: Hick
Age: 13
Birthday: June 12
Favourite Song: Pat Benatar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Problem: Pa can’t keep up with the farm and we’re going to lose it.
Pride: I can get anything to work with some elbow grease.
Drive: This might be my last year to be me.
Anchor: My Pa.

Iconic Item: Full-size Maglite

Luigi needs protectin’ from the bigger kids.
Justin isn’t so bad, but Janice will ruin him if she gets her way.
Janice grew too big for her britches when she moved into town.
I wouldn’t mind growing up to be like Ms. Bianchi.
Ol’ Jeremiah lets me get scrap and stuff on credit and barter.

Lina "Bart" Bartleigh

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