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There is a sea change at the city of Bend. 

Farms are out and brewing is in, as the Good Life Brewing Company has moved in, buying farmland left and right to grow wheat and hops crops for their massive brewery. Suddenly awash with cash, the majority of farmers are switching from the agricultural practices of their ancestors, and are now the new townies. They've been starting businesses, developing tourism, and enjoying new economic liberty to an unprecedented degree. 

Hold outs for the old way of life remain. The Woods that surround Bend are still inviolate, though Good Lifers wouldn't mind the extra space for growing more wheat fields. The odd farmer or two still holds on to the land of their forebears. Such spaces are dearly coveted, as the price of land has spiked with demand. It's now a seller's market, should one choose to sell. 

All in all, Bend has become a very pleasant place to live. 

Unless you are a Kid. 

The Hippo Mayoral Memorial Statue

Main Page

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